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Cut down time and costs by being situated adjacent to CN's
intermodal rail yards, putting you ahead of the competition.


Paving the way for the Future

As North America's leading supply chain enabler, we at CN are not only best suited to help our partners stay ahead of the competition, we deliver on it! And there is no better illustration of this commitment than our investment in our new Calgary Logistics Park.

Co-locating with our Calgary Logistics Park will allow customers to experience the benefits of a state-of-the-art intermodal terminal, fast vessel transit times from Asia, and of course, CN's superior rail service. This powerful combination offers reliable daily service while using the most energy efficient transportation on the market, the lowest fuel surcharge in the industry and providing cost advantages of a foreign trade zone; ultimately giving customers the flexibility and optimal round-trip efficiencies they need to improve their competitiveness.

The Calgary region has long been recognized as one of the most cost-effective places in Western North America to establish a transportation and logistics hub. With CN's 21,000-mile rail network connected to our new Calgary Logistics Park, we connect you to ports on all North American coasts, giving you fast and easy access to rapidly growing markets like Edmonton, Vancouver, the U.S. and Mexico.


The 4 reasons why Calgary Logistics
Park simply works

Immediate access
to key distribution

With our intermodal and trucking capabilities, customer service and customs brokerage teams, our Supply Chain Logistics experts leverage CN's network and operating expertise to serve you better than ever. The new Calgary Logistics Park can accommodateall your distribution and warehousing requirements, from leased space to design build. Calgary's north east is the new hub for distribution throughout Western Canada. Future developments will include a lumber reload, CargoFlo, and Autoport facilities.


Fast rail speed
and reliability

Get direct access to the fastest and most reliable intermodal service in the industry. CN intermodal applies the discipline and precision of scheduled railroading to remove randomness, smooth traffic flows, reduce transit times, and improve reliability. Equipment, gate and train reservations maximize customer access to capacity and improve your ability to plan.


Easy access to

The new CN Calgary Logistics Park is strategically located and gives easy access to the Trans-Canada Highway 1, Highway 2 and Stoney Trail. This direct access helps streamline the supply chain for increased cost effectiveness, reliability and shipment visibility in delivering our asset-based door-to-door retail intermodal product.


Great cost
savings for
net profits

The movement of loaded and empty equipment between rail yards and shippers/consignees is a costly part of intermodal shipping. Co-location within the CN intermodal yard eliminates one truck move and provides a potential dray savings of over $100 per container! Add to this the tax saving advantages of over $1.40sf on annual operating costs and its clear the Logistics Park is the place to be. Additional advantages of earlier release, and later gate cut-off, times are also realized by locating "inside the fence" at the CLP.

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Build your facility, lease or purchase
warehouse space allowing for
in-park movement of containers

Only CN and its Calgary Logistics Park at Conrich, can provide the most competitive real estate offering in the Calgary region, adjacent to the most modern intermodal terminal in Canada.

The initial phase of Calgary Logistics Park (CLP) at Conrich, AB features 170 acres of fully serviced and zoned warehouse distribution sites available for either sale or lease. The CLP has an initial capacity for 3 million square feet of new warehouse space and an additional 200 acres adjacent to the CLP has been secured for future customer expansion requirements.

Our newest facility has easy highway access just 3 kilometers outside of Canada's fastest growing city. The fully automated terminal has an available container yard, refrigerated container receptacles and direct rail connection to the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.


Planned warehouse space ready for lease or purchase

The new CN Calgary logistics park is strategically located:

  • 3 km (2 miles) to Stoney Trail
  • 3 km (2 miles) to Highway 1
  • 10 km (6 miles) to Calgary International Airport
  • 13 km (8 miles) to Highway 2
  • 20 km (12 miles) from downtown Calgary
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Note Diagram is only suggested warehouse positioning.
Custom lots are available upon request. Contact us for more info



Located adjacent to our Intermodal rail yards with connection to CN's network allows for in-park movement of containers, significantly reducing container turn times, which can save you up to $100 per container in dray and handling costs. Plus reduced annual operating costs on your building generates savings direct to your bottom line.

Access to all key distribution logistics services in one location; rail, intermodal, warehousing, distribution, future CargoFlo and Autoport facilities. CN offers the only direct rail connection to the west coast ports, Vancouver and Prince Rupert, BC.

Ability to import and distribute across Western Canada, Eastern Canada, the U.S. Midwest and North America while significantly reducing your carbon footprint

Easily accessed via North America's largest highways

Superior Rail Service: Get your consumer goods on the shelves within 3 days with the fastest transit time between Eastern and Western Canada

Future planned specialized services such as liquid/bulk transload, automotive compound and dimensional and heavy container handling

Calgary enjoys a rich supply of low cost 53' containers ready to be loaded thus reducing the need for on-site trailer and container storage requirements.

The new intermodal terminal opened in January 2013 and the CLP is now offering fully serviced sites for immediate development.

This powerful combination makes Calgary a major Canadian
transportation and logistics hub of the future.

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