Significant Savings in Realty Taxes and Drayage.

  1. 1. Realty Taxes: A study prepared in January 2018 by Altus Group showed a significant tax savings by locating in the CN Calgary Logistics Park rather that the City of Calgary with that financial advantage projected to increase to nearly 50% over the next decade.  This doubling of tax burden is driven by the initial cost to acquire land and mill rate is higher in the urban setting.

    2. Drayage: Onsite Class A warehousing reduces your drayage costs by $150/container, moving containers directly from the train to the warehouse.

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Tax Burden Cut in Half

A report was prepared by Altus Group to study the difference in property and business taxes of a theoretical 500,000 sf warehouse located in The City of Calgary and CN Calgary Logistics Park in Rocky View County.

The Findings: Over the course of a ten-year period, the property located in the City of Calgary will experience total taxes of over $11.8 million, a tax burden of more than double the $5.3 million estimated for the building in the CN Calgary Logistics Park.

Calculated Savings

  • No business taxes and nearly half the reality taxes vs. Calgary
  • Reduced dray costs with savings up to $150 per container
  • Get the lowest fuel surcharge in the industry
  • Automated gates for truck turnaround times under 45 minutes
  • Quick road and rail access to streamline last mile logistics

Discover Why CN CLP is Good for Business

Cut your taxes: No business taxes and nearly half the reality taxes vs. locating in Calgary.

Reduced dray costs: Save up to $150 per container and lowest fuel surcharge in the industry.

Direct rail access: Largest inland gateway to Canada and connection to CN’s rail network.

Fast Road Delivery: Easy access to major roads and truck turnaround times under 45 minutes.

Key logistics services: Intermodal transloading, container yard storage, warehousing and distribution.