CN Calgary Logistics Park is a strategic distribution centre that offers more savings than you think.

A study prepared in January 2018 by Altus Group projected the premium paid for locating in Calgary is 108% higher in 2018, compared to CN Calgary Logistics Park. This increases to 129% higher in 2027, with an average premium of 115%.

This doubling of tax burden is driven by two main factors: 1) the initial cost to acquire land is higher in the urban setting, and 2) the mill rate is higher in the urban municipality. The differential itself is projected to rise by nearly 50% over the next decade. This means that locating in CN CLP rather than the City will not only continue to show a payoff by way of lower taxes, but that the advantage for so-locating will grow over time.

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Tax Burden Cut in Half in CN CLP

A report was prepared to study the difference in property and business tax of similar buildings located in The City of Calgary and CN Calgary Logistics Park in Rocky View County. Specifically, we sought to compare the property and business tax burden of theoretical 500,000 square foot warehouses located in each of those municipalities.

The findings: Over the course of that ten-year period, the Calgary-located property will experience total taxes of over $11.8 million, a tax burden of more than double the $5.3 million estimated for the CN CLP location.

Calculated Savings

  • No business taxes and nearly half the reality taxes vs. Calgary
  • Reduced dray costs with savings up to $150 per container
  • Get the lowest fuel surcharge in the industry
  • Automated gates for truck turnaround times under 45 minutes
  • Quick road and rail access to streamline last mile logistics

Discover Why CN CLP is Good for Business

Cut your taxes: No business taxes and nearly half the reality taxes vs. locating in Calgary.

Reduced dray costs: Save up to $150 per container and lowest fuel surcharge in the industry.

Direct rail access: Largest inland gateway to Canada and connection to CN’s rail network.

Fast Road Delivery: Easy access to major roads and truck turnaround times under 45 minutes.

Key logistics services: Intermodal transloading, container yard storage, warehousing and distribution.